The Kool Kanines Story

The story of Kool Kanines is a kool tail.  If you haven’t heard, it all started in a  land far, far away.  Well, the world of competitive agility trials, anyway.  Which is a “far” cry from where we spent our time before our family of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels came into our life.  It all began with our sweet, ultra- athletic and ready to run, Uri.  He was our first agility dog.  We never knew running around an obstacle course with your dog could be so much fun.  And thus, the family began to grow.  Who would think that one precious “re-homed” dog would soon turn into four.   Of course, that it where the real story begins….

Our product line started with items to help keep dogs and their humans cool during hot weather.  Uri never really appreciated hot weather and so we searched for products that would keep him cool during competitions.  Difficult to find just the right product, we decided we would need to create our own.  That’s how Kool Koats  and Kool Pads started.   Since that time, our product line has expanded to include other “kool” items to help “show off” your love of your dog and his/her performance accomplishments.   Magnets, dog tags and coasters with kool dog sayings on them were added to our line this past year.   And most recently, we’ve even created  and added beautiful and colorful wool coats made from genuine Pendleton wool to keep your canine friend warm in the winter months.

Keep in mind that Kool Kanine products aren’t just for agility enthusiasts;  any dog or human can use and enjoy all of our products.

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